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  1. Studying the Vedas in traditional way with its interpretations.
  2. Proper philosophical outlook through the study of the "Prasthanatraya", i.e.the Bhagavad-Gita, the Upanishads and the Brahmasutras.
  3. Attaining command over the Sanskrit language by studying Sanskrit grammar upto Siddhanatha Kaumudi.
  4. Bringing greater clarity in thought by studying Tarkasangraha, a text on Indian logic, with Deepika (Commentary).
  5. Studying the original texts of Bharatiya Vijnanana comprising of Yoga and other numerous subjects.
  6. Knowledge of Physical science, Social sciences, English and computer for utility in practical life.
  7. As per the Gurukula system, 1. The Vedas, 2. Ancient Indian Science, 3. Yoga, 4. Agricultural practice and 5. Arts and skills (Kalaakaushala) are considered as five aspects of education.

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Admission requirements -

  1. Interested young men of age 15-16 who have passed their SSLC or equivalent examinations with Sanskrit as a subject.
  2. Candidate must be ready to study for seven years (5 years in the Gurukulam and 2 years in the Shodha Samsthanam) according to the Gurukula tradition and have proper physical, mental and intellectual predisposition.
  3. Interested students should apply by the end of April. (Application form is available in the website)
  4. Entrance exam will be held in the month of May.



Sl NoEventDates
1Interview for the new batch- 07/05/2017
2Beginning of the academic year- 15/06/2017
3d§k½¡prad¡nam for the new batch.- 19/6/2017
4Yoga-Week- 17/06/17-21/06/2017
5GurupÀr³im¡ (dak½i³¡mÀrtiv¡r½ikµtsava¦)- 09/07/2017
6Gurukula SamarpaNa dinam {Alumni meet}- 16/07/2017
7Rigupakarma (Nagarapanchami)- 16/07/2017
8Akhanda Bharat sankalpa dinam/Krishna Janmashthami- 15/8/2017
9Ganesh Festival- 25/8/2017
10Yajurupakarma (Rakshabandhanam)- 06/09/2017
11Gayatripratipat- 07/09/2017
12Navaratri Utsava- 21/09/2017-30/09/2017
13Viajaya-Sabha (Vedapariksha)- 02/10/2017
14Vacation- 12/10/2017-06/11/2017
15Begining of second sem- 09/11/2017
17Kartika Deepotsava- 13/11/2017
18Sankranti Utsava- 15/01/2018
20Sankranti-Sabha {Shaastraparikshaa}- 03-05/02/2018
21Pravasa- 09-10/02/2018
21Shivaratri- 13/02/2018
21Parents Meet- 10-11/02/18
21Chandan Karyakram (Vanabhojanam)- 01/03/2018
22Yugadi- 18/03/2018
24yug¡disabh¡- 15/04/2018
25End of the academic year 2017-18- 18/04/2018




4:30Waking Up
5:30Morning Prayer
5:50 - 6:20Vedic Chanting
6:25 - 7:00Yogasana Practice
7:00 - 7:55Shastric Class
7:55 - 8:25Breakfast
8:30 - 9:25Shastric Class
9:30 - 10:30Maintainance of the Gurukulam
10:30 - 11:15Yµganidr¡
11:15 - 12:30Veda Class
1:30 - 2:25English Class
2:30 - 3:25Shastric Class
3:30 - 4:30Shastric Class
4:30Snack break
4:45 - 5:45RSS ¾¡kh¡ and outdoor games
5:50 - 6:25Anu½¿h¡na¯
6:30 - 7:30Self study
7:35 - 8:00Bhµjanam
8:15 - 9:30Self study
10:00Lights off


Ganapathi Sabha – This programme is organised every Sankashta Caturthi, where students perform Ganapathi homa. Prior to the homa, an Acharya would present a topic from the Shastrs for discussion. Students and Acharyas alike participate in this discussion


Vijaya Sabha - This Sabha will be conducted during Navaratri where the students present the studied part of Veda in the first half of the year before well known Vedic scholars.
Sankaranti Sabha - This Sabha will be conducted during Sankranti where the students present the studied part of Shastras in the whole year before well known scholars coming from outside.
Ugadi Sabha - This Sabha will be conducted during Ugadi where the students present Laghushodhaprabandha before well known scholars.