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Veda Vijnana Shodha Samsthanam


We are the ardent upasakas (devotees) of the mother Veda. The upasana of Veda is not confined to mere rituals. Veda is the fountain head of all knowledge of self realisation, the life source of the Indian philosophy. Being allured by the superficial outward materialism and falling a victim to it cannot be deemed as the human progress. A person who introspects, beholds the real meaning of the word ‘I’ and ‘Myself’ and marches ahead undaunted till he realises the self is the brave. That brave person is the real conqueror. These brave people are the invaluable assets the world can be proud of. Young aspirants like Nachiketa, Trishanku, Bhrugu, Satyakama Narada, Sanatkumara, Ashwapathi, Raikwa, Janashruti and Shwetaketu are few such brave men to mention. The eternal truth realised by these youngsters lead them beyond the sensual confinement and transgress the limitations of the mind.

For us, Rastra Dharma is the essence of supreme and perennial ancient Darma. This is the art if beholding the Chaitanya (Consciousness) even in a minute mud particle (mrit). Our ancestors have named it ‘Chiti’. Badarayana Vyasa has formulated this as ‘Chiti tanmatrena……(4/4/6)’ in the Brahmasutras. Shri Guruji Golwalkar assigned the name “Ekatmadarshana” to this path envisaged by the Upanishads. This insight helps us to have the perception of divinity in atom, molecule, vegetation, men and animals alike. The man who realizes this divine presence in everything can become a better farmer and a better student. The person who studies Shastras with this spiritual bent of mind and insight can become a better learned person and a better research scholar. Inculcating commitment and insight in the students who pursue studies and research in Shastras is the aim and objective of Veda Vijnana Shodha Samsthanam.

The elders have desired that the Gurukulam should become center for shaping young scholars. It may be pointed out, at this juncture, that the progress achieved by the Gurukulam over the span of last 12 years has given them the confidence and prompted them to expect this from the Gurukulam. In view of this, to conduct studies and research in the areas of Vyakarana and Sankhyayoga Veda Vijnana Shodha Samsthana established on Ashvayuja Shukla Dashami of Vikrama Samvatsara (17/10/2010)


Managing Committee

Veda Vijnana Shodha Samsthana Central Committee -

  1. Shrinatha S Shwetadri, Managing Trustee
  2. A.S. Nirmal Kumar, Secretary
  3. Prof. Ramachandra G Bhat, Kotemane, Member
  4. Vikram Phadke, Member
  5. Satyanarayana T Bhat, Member


VedaVijnana shodha Samsthana is affiliated to SVYASA Deemed to be University. This enables the students of Gurukula to get graduate degrees in the field of Yoga and Spirituality.

The institute is affiliated to Tumkur University. It is recognized as a research center of the University. At present, 8 Research scholars are involved in research in the institute.

The institution has affiliation with Karnataka Samskrita University. This enables the students to obtain 'Shastri (B.A)' and 'Acharya (M.A)' degree in Vedanta, Vyakarana and Mimaamsa Shastras.



Faculty of Vedavijnana Shodha Samsthana -

Chairman - Prof. Ramachandra G Bhat
Director - Dr. Mahabaleshwar S Bhat
Faculties of Vedavijnana Shodha Samsthana Samskrit College -

Principal - Vidwan. Dr. Mahabaleshwar S Bhat
vidv¡n, ¡c¡rya in advaitav£d¡nta, M.A (Sanskrit)

Advaitavedanta shastram -
1. Dr. Mahabaleshwar S Bhat - Lecturer
2. Vidwan Arun Raj - Assistant lecturer

vy¡kara³am -
1. Vidwan Tilak M Rao - Assistant lecturer



Veda Vijnana Shodha Samsthanam organizes National and International Seminar on various topics.

The conferences organized by the Shodha Samsthanam

  1. National conference on Ancient learning system – 2006
  2. National conference on Mind Calming Technique – The Indian way – 2007
  3. National conference on Atmadarshanam for human harmony – 2010
  4. National conference on Daivaratasambhrama – 2011
  5. International conference on Relevance of Yajna for a healthy society – 2015

The Workshops organized by the Shodha Samsthanam

  1. Workshop on Samskrit Gramar under the guidence of Vidushi Pushpa Dixit – 2009
  2. Workshop on Research methodology in Indian perspective – 2013
  3. Workshop on Indian logic in collaboration with Poorna Prajna Shodha Mandiram – 2014
  4. Workshop on Alankara Shastra – 2014
  5. Oneday Workshop on Ayurveda and lifestyle – 2018


  • Shastri (B.A)
  • Acharya (M.A)
  • Ph.D



Gurukula library has a good collection of more than 15000 books related to Vedas, Vedangas, Indian Sciences, Puranas, History, Samskrit Literature (Kavya), Biographies of great personalities, Novels etc.

More than 100 ancient manuscripts are collected.